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Ian Mincher

UK Group Health & Safety Manager

Ian Mincher, the Group UK Health and Safety manager at AGA Rangemaster, is a dedicated advocate for sustainability and health and safety. With 18 years of experience at AGA, Ian has played a crucial role in driving positive change within the company. He emphasises the importance of environmental consciousness and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Ian’s commitment to health and safety is unwavering, aiming for zero accidents by prioritising the right practices. He encourages personal growth and learning, highlighting AGA as the perfect platform for individuals who want to expand their knowledge and skills.

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Saroj Bajwa

Team Leader

Saroj Bajwa plays a crucial role as a Team Leader at AGA Rangemaster, overseeing a team of 24. She swiftly rose from a temporary staff member to a permanent position, achieving the leadership role within a year. Saroj resolves customer issues, supports various departments, and serves as a liaison for repair companies. AGA’s diverse and supportive culture, coupled with Saroj’s passion for helping her team, makes it an exceptional workplace. Saroj takes pride in representing AGA and highlighting its accessibility and inclusivity. Beyond work, she enjoys being a football mom and indulging in cooking and horror films.

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Phil Shepherd

Product Design Engineer

Phil Shepherd, an accomplished product design engineer at AGA Rangemaster, credits his career growth to building strong internal relationships. Initially a stock controller, Phil’s exceptional skills led to a promotion as a design engineer. He relishes the dynamic challenges of designing innovative cookers and improving existing appliances. AGA’s supportive culture fosters open communication and idea-sharing. The company invests in training and development, with regular meetings to discuss goals and opportunities. Phil wholeheartedly recommends AGA for ambitious individuals seeking rapid advancement.

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Kerry Wilkes

Sales Executive at AGA Retail

Kerry Wilkes, a Sales Executive at AGA Retail, joined the company driven by her childhood passion for AGAs. With a long sales background, she appreciates AGA’s relaxed atmosphere and friendly colleagues, creating a family-like environment. The onboarding process involved getting acquainted with the factory, meeting the production team, and familiarising herself with the systems used. Kerry found the training to be comfortable and easy to absorb, with hands-on experience in cooking on AGA cookers. She takes pleasure in seeing happy customers, particularly those new to AGAs, and guiding them through the entire process from initial interest to post-sale support.

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Darryl Hudson

Group Operations Director

Darryl Hudson, Group Operations Director at AGA Rangemaster, has been an integral part of the company for an impressive 23 years. With a remarkable career journey within AGA, Darryl’s story exemplifies the opportunities for growth and development available within the organisation. AGA values hardworking individuals who embrace change and contribute to various aspects of the business. Darryl’s passion for his work is evident in his enthusiasm for tackling new challenges and exploring innovative projects that will shape AGA’s future. He firmly believes that AGA’s people and collaborative environment make it an exceptional place to work.

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``Since joining AGA, it has been great. The team is lovely and everyone is keen to help and get stuck in. The environment is friendly and there's always lots going on, making it an exciting place to work.``
``Since joining AGA, it has been great. The team is lovely and everyone is keen to help and get stuck in. The environment is friendly and there's always lots going on, making it an exciting place to work.``
``AGARangemaster is a progressive company that is striving to improve all the time.``